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Amazon Prime can be activated on the internet at

On various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers and smart televisions to stream online prime video. To watch prime video for free, go to Canada or primevideo/mytv and enter the six-digit amazon activation code. Create your own Amazon account with your email and password. You can do this by viewing Amazon Prime episodes on your PC.

Amazon Prime Canada is a streaming service that is incredibly popular with users all over the World. It is competing with Netflix in providing top quality content to its viewers. In terms of comparison, Amazon Prime Video is much less expensive and offers its own exclusive Prime Originals.

Other benefits you can get from the Prime Membership like:

Delivery service at no cost on Amazon Shopping App

There are a variety of offers on Amazon grocery app is accessible

Unlimited ad-free music when you subscribe to Prime

Save the film you wish to view and then save the video for viewing at any time later.

Save data by changing the quality of the stream that varies between low and high.

Primevideo is available to sign up on

We also can check out how to enable on your mobile device by using Amazon Prime Video. Prime Video activation code is required for activation phase. To install an Amazon/code on your computer, visit and then use the prime video program. When you get the code, simply enter it into the prime video program and it will start playing within a couple of minutes. 

How do you install Amazon Prime Video Canada on your Android TV? smart tv

Press “Home" on your remote which was included with the Internet device.

Choose from the Amazon Video icon from the featured apps section.

Choose Sign-up on the Amazon website using Amazon Video. Amazon Video app.

Take note of the code provided.

Visit Canada on a phone.

You can create your own Amazon account, by logging in using an active email account and password.

To connect your gadget to the Amazon account, you must use the number you wrote down in step 3.

Continue is the option.

If the registration is successful the confirmation message appears on the television screen.

To stream Amazon Prime Video on your TV, visit your Amazon Video App and choose Continue.

Disclaimer: - you must ensure the device you are using is capable to watch Prime video prior to beginning the activation procedure. Additionally, you can follow these steps to enable smart TVs as well as other android devices that support it. This means that you are now able to take advantage of your Prime videos and shows with your loved ones to enjoy your time in peace.


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